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Experience what it means to have a medical doctor as a patient advocate. It’s a second set of eyes on your medical care.

Get the help you need to get the care you need.

Patient advocates are not all the same. Yes, we all guide clients through our complex health system and most work only for you. 

But what makes Hakim Health Partners different is this: we’re medical doctors. This means when we work with you, you have a powerful advocate who can speak your doctor’s language – and get you the care you need. 

Our PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) reviews medications and checks for drug interactions. She also works with you to manage your medication needs – from educating you about your meds to filling your pillboxes.


  Hakim Health Partners:  

 A Different Kind of Patient Advocate 


Melissa Hakim, M.D.

Patient Advocate

Health & Wellness Advisor

Founder & CEO

As a medical doctor, I see the problems with our medical system. I know the frustration patients experience while trying to get the proper treatment and heal. I’ve experienced it myself, having guided my father through a lengthy atypical disease.

That’s why
Hakim Health Partners (HHP) exists. There are challenges with doctor/patient relationships and even the most educated among us need medical support they can trust.  People need someone who knows how the medical system works, and who works only for the patient. 

Since 1992, I’ve been helping people of all ages navigate our increasingly complex and specialized medical system. I believe that your health is not a “one size fits all” situation. Everyone deserves help finding the most appropriate treatment path. Being able to use my medical education in a way that gives my clients knowledge and a sense of peace is deeply rewarding. 

Graduated cum laude with a BA in Biology from Brandeis University. Graduated from The Mount Sinai School of Medicine with a MD in 1992. Did internship and residency training at St. Vincent’s Hospital in NYC and The Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC.

Business Team

A Medical Doctor is Your Patient Advocate

Hakim means “wise.” Hakim is also a way of referring to a physician in many countries. It’s also, luckily enough, Dr. Melissa’s last name, and it’s a perfect name for our organization. 

We do what your doctor used to have time to do. We develop a relationship with you and can spend as much time together as we need. Your concerns are our top priority and we make sure your doctors address them. We’re there to ensure that you understand the medical advice and that you follow-through. We’re on your side and your second set of eyes. 

We’re here to:

  • Be the bridge between you and your doctors, your specialists, your family members, and your hospital.

  • Translate all those confusing medical words so you understand what your medical team is saying – and what they are recommending. 

  • Do the research so you’re able to access the best medical care for your condition.

  • Remind you or clarify what your doctor said at your appointment

  • Support you and eliminate stress so you can heal.

We’ve helped hundreds of people cope with their diagnosis, guiding them to appropriate specialists, and explaining various treatment options. 

HHP is your healthcare advocate.

Frustrated with the Medical System?

Call us today: (484) 533-7822
and learn how we can help you and your family.

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