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Need help with a confusing medical condition or aging parent?

Patient advocates with a medical education can ease your way through complex medical situation. 

Doctor and Patient

Patient Advocates

Are you overwhelmed and don't know where to turn?

Frustrated or Struggling with Healthcare Issues?

Our main concern is getting everything under control.

Are you:
Dealing with medical issues that feel like they are spiraling out of control?
Stressed out caring for an aging parent?
Confused by the language your doctor uses?
Desperately trying to understand medical test results and terminology?
Looking for someone you can trust for advice?


You need help.

You need peace of mind.
We understand.
We’re patient advocates, and we can help.

Doctor's Desk

Your Partner in Health

If you’re overwhelmed with healthcare issues, you’ve come to the right place. 

Hakim Health Partners was created by Melissa Hakim, MD to serve as your patient advocate – one who’s on your side – not someone who answers to hospital systems, insurance companies, or medical systems.

Why We Are Different

Our background is medicine. We’re M.D.s working for you as your advocate. We level the playing field. Doctors are more attentive when we’re in the room with you. You get someone who can make the head-spinning medical education easy to understand.

More importantly, we give you the benefit of doctor-to-doctor communication – helping you move toward a better health outcome faster.

We make sure that each of your physicians is given the information they need to ensure the best possible outcome.

We help you ask the right questions and make sure that only necessary tests are done.

We question what will be done with test results & what the plan is moving forward.

If you’re in the hospital, we provide the key communication link between your medical team and your family.

We communicate your wishes to your medical team.

We ensure proper communication between the hospital and your home health services so you get what you need after your discharge.

We update and communicate what other doctors on your medical team are doing. We fill everyone in on why your specialists are treating you the way they are so your entire medical team has a full picture and can treat you as a team. 

We’re friendly, approachable, and we listen to you.

We don’t believe in the myth that doctors belong on pedestals. We’re regular people - just like you - and
we believe you deserve the benefit of our knowledge. 

How We Help You

We listen to you.
Then we work out a plan to help. 

Getting a bad diagnosis can be an overwhelming experience. You’re upset and it’s the key time you need to be paying attention to your doctor.

A patient advocate can help you make sense of the medical information.

We know patients need someone who can help them find the healthcare treatment path that is right for them.  HHP is your guide. Think of us as your healthcare project manager – helping you do everything from maintaining your health by developing a healthy lifestyle, to coping with a diagnosis and different treatment options.

Hakim Health Partners provides you with support, information, and education so you can make well-informed decisions. 

We are your partner and your guide through the healthcare system. 

We work with you at whatever level is most comfortable for you – from decreasing your disease risk to dealing with a diagnosis, sorting out second opinions or treatment options, and managing hospitalizations. There are times that the best care for your condition may not be local. We’ll search out and coordinate the best treatment options for you. 

Our goal is to give you the time and healing space you need to get better.

We’ve helped hundreds of people cope with their diagnosis - guiding them to appropriate specialists, helping explain their various treatment options, and coordinating care. 

Let us help you get your situation under control and eliminate your fear & stress.

“Melissa Hakim, my medical navigator, has helped me in so many ways. She helped me get a second opinion from Sloan Kettering about getting major surgery. Thanks to her medical knowledge and guidance, I did not have an unnecessary surgery in 2018. Melissa answered my questions, talked to my primary care doctor, and she went to some medical appointments with me including an IVF filter consultation and a colorectal appointment. She recommended a competent ophthalmologist who screened me for glaucoma. Melissa did medical research for me and even recommended a non-inflammatory diet with lots of vegetables and turmeric. She encouraged me to do Silver Sneakers - an exercise program covered by Medicare. Melissa continues to be my medical advocate and has reduced my worries from medical stress. Thanks to her my health has improved."



We Support You with General Health Advocacy

We’re your personal health advisor. Our patient advocates:

  • Schedule doctor’s appointments 

  • Communicate with your medical specialists ensuring everyone works together 

  • Gather medical records 

  • Review medication, check for drug interactions, manage medication needs 

  • Help with treatment follow-through 

  • Speak with your family members to make sure everyone is on the same page 

  • Research diseases, specialists, and the latest treatments 

  • Facilitate convenient treatment arrangements

  • Translate medical information and language

  • Provide questions you need to ask to get the most from doctor visits

  • Help identify the right specialists for unknown chronic medical symptoms

  • Communicate with your medical facilities and their personnel

  • Guide you to the best care

We’re by Your Side at Doctor’s Visits

Our MD Patient Advocates:

  • Accompany you on your medical appointments

  • Coordinate care & communicate with your medical team

  • Ensure that your medical team has the full picture and collaborates on treatment 

  • Provide your doctor with a complete summary of your condition & treatment

  • Facilitate doctor/patient communication 

  • Advise you on how to make the most of your doctor appointments

  • Educate you on diseases and help you understand your treatment options

  • Translate medical jargon into plain English you can understand

  • Help you make well-informed medical decisions

  • Oversee your care & support you during hospitalization

  • Help you maintain control over your medical decisions as you age

  • Work with facilities to help appeal coverage denials

"Dr. Melissa Hakim is one of the kindest people I have ever met. I came to her about a year ago with a myriad of seemingly random symptoms that had been going on for five years. Within months, I got more answers from my doctors than I had in years with the help of Melissa advocating for me.

She is certainly someone you want in your corner. She really takes the time to get to know her clients, no matter how difficult their case may be. Trust me, I am NOT an easy patient. She is excellent at thinking outside the box and problem-solving. She will hold you accountable for your health in the best way possible. Melissa will always go the extra mile for you both figuratively and literally. She is able to balance being incredibly empathetic as well as extremely knowledgeable at the same time. For anyone struggling with their health I highly recommend Melissa.


Holding Hands

We’re Your On-Call Health Consultant 

Call us when you:

  • Need to understand a diagnosis

  • Must make a well-informed treatment decision

  • Have questions about medical terminology

  • Want to keep chronic conditions in check

  • Need to know what you should be asking your doctor

  • Must make sure all your doctors are aware of your needs

  • Need information to get the most out of your doctor's appointments, medical conversations, and healthcare relationships

  • Want to make sure you understand your doctor’s advice

  • Need someone to confirm you are following medical orders

We Help You Care for Aging Relatives

We’re there for the people you care about when you can’t be. Our patient advocates:

  • Visit personal care & assisted living facilities

  • Look in on parents & keep an eye on their medical situations

  • Ensure – whether at home or in assisted living – proper care is provided & whatever needs doing is handled

  • Accompany your parents to medical visits so you get the right information 

  • Ensure that you’re aware of a parent’s medical & health needs as well as what services are being provided

  • Communicate with you immediately after doctor’s appointments. We tell you what happened, what the recommended treatment is, and how your loved one is doing

  • Coordinate care for aging relatives

"When my wife and I took a 10-day vacation out of the country, far from my parents, we were so relieved to have Dr. Melissa Hakim as our contact and their health advocate. Her professional education and knowledge as an MD combined with the services her company provides along with the personal touch of her sincere interest in knowing and caring for my parents is so more valuable to our peace of mind than words can describe.”


Blood Samples

We Give You Respite Care

We help you avoid caregiver burnout.

  • We’re on-call while you’re on vacation

  • We check-in on your loved one whether they’re at home or in an assisted living facility

  • We’ll accompany your parent to the ER if there’s a medical emergency

  • We provide updates on your parents’ health with regular communications

Patient Advocacy Workshops


We educate you so you can be healthier - and a more confident medical consumer. Find out when these workshops are being offered.

How to be a Savvy Medical Consumer


The time we spend face-to-face with our physicians has gotten shorter over the past 10 years. Take home these tips so you can get more from your medical appointments. You can become a more confident medical consumer.

It’s Never Too Late for Healthy Living


It is never too late to make changes that can benefit your health. Learn how to incorporate lifestyle changes that can have a positive impact on your health no matter what age you are.

Food for Thought: Eating for Brain Health

Can you develop a better brain? Brain health is not dictated only by your genetics. Learn how to become a “smart” eater and which foods can have a positive impact on your brain health.

Healthy Living Into Your 70s, 80s and Beyond

It is never too late to pick up healthy living tips. Learn what you need to do to practice healthy aging.

What is a Healthcare Advocate and Why Do I Need One?


Over the years, Dr. Melissa noticed that patients don't necessarily understand their health situations and yet are asked to make decisions without fully understanding their various options. Dr. Melissa discusses the role of a healthcare advocate and why you would benefit from having one by your side.

Getting the Most Out of Your Doctor Appointments


Over the years our medical appointments are getting shorter, yet the same amount of material needs to be conveyed. This workshop will give you real life skills to organize your medical information and have a game plan in place so you can make the most of your time with your healthcare provider.

“This lecture about “Brain Health and Food” was a delightful surprise. Dr. Hakim packed a wealth of information into this brief time. She is clearly passionate about her topic and is up-to-date on the latest research, bringing the most helpful and statistically significant information to her audience. Not only did she summarize the research conclusions in her lecture, but she explained complex neurobiology in a way that was accessible and even entertaining. She made useful and simple suggestions about what we can all do to increase our health and brain functioning.  Her manner was so friendly and inviting, which, seemed motivational. I could not wait to apply some of her suggestions and have done so."


Let us help you achieve your best possible health outcomes.
Contact us today.

Videogame on Screen

Not in the Lehigh Valley?

Not a problem!

No matter where you’re located, HHP can still be your patient advocate. Through video calls, email, and conference calls, we can be there when you need us.

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