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Does Mom Need Some Help?

Updated: May 12, 2021

There might come a time in our adult life when we realize that our parents are not as independent as we thought. As a healthcare advocate, I am able to give peace of mind not only to my clients but also to their adult children that their parents understand their medical conditions and are following the appropriate medical treatments.

Nothing is more frustrating than asking your senior parent about their medical care. If you're lucky your parents are in full control and there is no need to worry. If you are not so fortunate, then your anxiety increases with the amount of uncertainty presented to you...

What if your parents can't clearly tell you what their doctor said? What if they don't know the medications that they are taking? Was there a change in medication and did they take care of it? Why do they need to see a specialist? Why are they getting certain tests?

I know the frustration. But I know from my clients' experiences how much less stress there is in their relationship with their children once I am the parent's healthcare advocate. My clients also feel a sense of independence by not having to rely on their children to take care of their healthcare needs.

As a healthcare advocate working with senior clients, I make sure their treating physician understands the patients complaints and their wishes. I am able to explain to the family and to the client why they are on certain medications, why they need certain tests or procedures, and why they need to see a specialist.

My ability to answer questions and reassure my clients helps them follow their doctor treatment plans and adds a safety net to their healthcare needs. I am the project manager for my clients' healthcare. I make sure my clients are seeing the appropriate doctors and following the treatment plan they and their physician agreed upon.

When Mom or Dad seem to be struggling with managing their healthcare needs, reach out to me, Melissa Hakim MD, Healthcare Advocate: your personal healthcare advisor.


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