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Planning a Vacation? Add Health Advocate for Mom and Dad to Your Checklist.

Vacations are wonderful and definitely needed in our stressful world. It is a time to get away from life's daily challenges, explore, try new things, recharge, and come back ready to deal with our day to day lives. It has come to my attention that adult children with elderly parents have different needs when it comes to planning a vacation. They need to have someone available who can check in on their parents and be there for them. Some adult children will even postpone all vacations because they worry about not being available for their parents.

I developed a respite advocacy service as part of my health advocacy offerings. I feel that it is important to have things in place before dealing with an emergency. My respite services allows the caregivers to go on well deserved vacations without worrying about who will look after their

loved ones. My respite services run the full gamut of my patient advocacy services and they are personally tailored to the individual needs of my clients and their families. My services include checking in on their parents, attending all scheduled medical appointments, ensuring that medical instructions are being followed outside the office setting, being on call for medical emergencies, and, if hospitalization is required, making sure the proper diagnostic tools and treatments are being applied. The respite patient advocacy service is something to keep in mind when planning your next vacation.

As always, if things are not going as you plan with your health and you need some guidance, don't forget to reach out to me... your health advocate. A partner in your health.


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