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Summer Vacation (Don't Forget About Your Medical Well Being)

Spring is moving by and we are quickly approaching summer. As a health advocate, I make sure my clients are prepared (from a health perspective) for their trips so they can enjoy their vacations.

If you are traveling somewhere exotic, check in with your primary care doctor to see if there are any vaccines or medications you may need prior to reaching your destination. There are healthcare providers who specialize in travel medicine who have a wealth of knowledge about various travel protocols.

Check the CDC website to see if there are any health warnings at your destination.

Along with your passport and credit cards, don't forget a copy of your medical information. Bring your insurance card, your list of medications (including dosage), your list of current doctors, and your list of medical diagnoses

Make sure you pack enough medication to last the entire trip (always bring several extra days worth of medication) and remember to pack your medicine in your carry on bag. We have all heard nightmare stories about lost luggage and you don't want your medication to go missing.

Pack a health kit which includes antibacterial wipes, bandaids, sunscreen, bug repellent, antidiarrheal medication, and whatever else you may need. The CDC has a wonderful checklist of vacation health items which can be found here:

At your destination, remember to only drink water that has been deemed safe. Every country is different and it is good to always ask.

Remember to wash your hands. It is always the best way to get rid of germs.

Most importantly, enjoy your vacation. As always, if you are overwhelmed by your current health situation and would like someone by your side to help you navigate the modern medical system, do not hesitate to reach out and find out how my advocacy services can benefit you. 484-533-7822


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