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As you know, it is a scary time right now. We are fighting an invisible enemy right now with no known cure. We are asked to stay away from our fellow human beings. We feel isolated and alone. We are connected to the world via the internet. I want to share a few websites where you can get the facts and the information you need.

The CDC has a special section on COVID-19. It gives information on what you can do to stay healthy and what to do if you feel sick. There are various resources for the community as well as the latest updates regarding COVID-19.

The WHO has a dedicated COVID-19 page. It has information on how to protect yourself, frequently asked questions, and the latest updates.

Johns Hopkins has a great resource page on COVID-19. The page has up-to-date statistics as well as an interactive map.

Another great resource I found is The John A. Hartford Foundation. It has a page dedicated to COVID-19 and resources for older adults, the family caregiver, and healthcare providers.

It has a wealth of information and is definitely worth checking out for getting factual information and resources.

As a reminder, there is no cure for COVID-19. But, hand washing and social distancing work to slow the spread of the virus. If you feel sick: call your doctor, local urgent care center, or local hotline before you go. They will direct you to what you should do next.

Stay healthy and be well. And as always, if you need help or need some guidance, reach out to me... your health advocate. A partner in your health.,

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