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Who is Your Conductor?

Modern medicine is pretty incredible. There have been major scientific achievements in all aspects of medical care. Scientific research continues with new treatment options for various diseases in the pipeline. Despite all the technological success, there can be a downside to the modern medicine experience. Since the advent of electronic medical records, the presence of computers in the exam room to the introduction of hospitalists, and primary care doctors no longer following their patients into the hospital, patients can feel that the doctor patient relationships have changed and not always for the better.

I feel that modern medicine is like a symphony. The patient is the audience member and all their doctors are on stage playing a different instrument. Let's imagine that the internist is the violinist. The cardiologist might be playing the oboe. The gastroenterologist might be playing the tuba. How about the neurologist? She is the percussionist. The nephrologist? The flute. The ophthalmologist? He is playing the french horn.

OK, you get the picture. But what does it sound like? What is missing?

Where is the conductor?

That is where I come in. As a Health Advocate who has a medical degree, I am the conductor for my clients. I am the link between their various doctors. I make sure that each member of their medical team is aware of what each treating medical provider recommends. I make sure my clients fully understand their treatment plans and their various options. I also make sure that all their ancillary care is being performed between your appointments. I make sure that everyone is on the right page, playing the right notes. I make sure that all those involved in your healthcare are performing in harmony and that you, the patient, are able to appreciate your orchestral music.

Who is conducting your symphony?

As always, if things are not going as you plan with your healthcare and you need some guidance, don't forget to reach out to me... your healthcare advocate. A partner in your health.


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