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Emotional Exhaustion

I am tired. You are tired. If there is one thing we, as Americans, can all agree on is that we are exhausted. We are all tired and rightfully so. If we have young children, we are now their primary entertainment day after day. If we have children in school, we are suddenly their full time teacher. If they are learning remotely or in-person, we are juggling the in-person schedule, the remote schedule, and our own schedule at the same time. If we have older children (like me), we worry about how they are managing to stay safe from COVID.

If we are fortunate enough to have parents, we are overly concerned about their health and how they are faring. Are they wearing their masks? Are they refraining from going into stores, restaurants, and anywhere else where they can be exposed to COVID? Can they get an appointment for the vaccine? Apart from COVID issues, we also must continue to worry about the normal health concerns that affect our parents.

As a health advocate, I work with my clients to make sure their medical concerns are being met and not being overlooked especially during the pandemic. If clients are close by, I attend appointments with them and keep the family informed about their health situation. If they live further away, I attend appointments virtually. Their healthcare provider knows that there will be someone following through between appointments. It becomes a team approach between the healthcare providers, myself, the patient, and their family.

Keeping track of your appointments, health screenings, and specialists is stressful enough. Having to manage both your parents and your children's health issues just adds more pressure to a very stressful time. If you are part of the sandwich generation, I can take some of your stress away by helping to manage your parents health situation. I can be the safety net for your parent's healthcare to make sure their needs are being met and nothing is being overlooked. You can focus on your parents well being and outsource their health concerns to a professional.

Stay healthy and be well. If you are overwhelmed with your current health situation, please don't hesitate to reach out to me, Melissa Hakim MD, your health advocate. 484-533-7822


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