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Patient Advocacy, Now Even More Than Ever

We can all definitely agree that 2021 was another year filled with chaos. We, as a nation, are facing many different issues and health issues are at the forefront. We are still in the midst of dealing with a major pandemic that has exposed the flaws in our current healthcare system. Never before has the role of a patient advocate been more critical. As patients are being shuffled between virtual and in-person appointments, items may be overlooked. The need to have a patient advocate by their side, to help guide them through this new hybrid medical world, becomes readily apparent.

In addition to the pandemic, we are all aware that the length of our medical appointments have been getting shorter over the past ten years. Healthcare providers are rushed and possibly distracted during our appointments with the various tasks they have to check off on their screen. A patient advocate by your side can make sure that your medical concerns are not being overlooked.

If you have parents who are elderly then you know they are struggling to figure out how this new medical system world works as they are shuffled between their various specialists and appointment types. It would give you peace of mind (and them) to have someone with them at their appointments (be it in person or virtual) who can report directly back to you so that you are always kept in their medical loop.

A patient advocate fulfills many needs but the most important one is the extra set of eyes it gives to your medical situation. A patient advocate should be someone who is working completely for you and not for one of the medical networks. As an MD, who is devoted full time to patient advocacy, I give my clients the peace of mind that is so needed during this chaotic time. If you are overwhelmed by your current healthcare situation or just want someone on your side whose sole purpose is to look out for your health situation, reach out to me, Dr. Melissa Hakim, your health advocate. 484-533-7822.


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